Series Q + P60

///Wheel Q + Castor P60


Turned and painted cast-iron wheels.

  • Cast iron wheel, painted.
  • Round-machined tread.
  • Excellent smooth running; suitable for extra heavy loads.
  • Hub with: shielded precision ball bearings; machined plain bore.

Heavy duty castors

  • Finish: electro-zinc plated, white.
  • Top plate in pressed steel-sheet.
  • King-pin riveted to the top-plate.
  • Thermoplastic dust protection ring (water-resistant).
  • Hardened steel ball races.
  • Swivel fork in pressed steel sheet.
  • Hardened steel balls.
  • Thermoplastic dust seal (waterproof).
  • Balls retaining ring in pressed steel-sheet.
  • Self-locking nut.
Series Q + P60

Shielded ball bearings Shielded ball bearings

Plain bore Plain bore