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Our objectives

Our mission is to be a leading reference in the industrial wheel and castor market.
We constantly pursue this goal by focusing on customer relations and the quality of our products and solutions.
The thousands of wheels and castors manufactured every year are the result of the passion and commitment of all the LAG staff, who have been creating value and ensuring customer satisfaction for over 50 years.

LAG ruote e supporti industriali


Where we are heading

Today LAG works with a view to development, with strong roots based on the company tradition and the concept of quality that has always marked our products over the years. Our history is the foundation on which we innovate and respond to current and future challenges.
We believe that the key to building new successes is an extremely pro-active approach to customers, in which the concepts of service and problem solving are equally important.
Today, creating value means going beyond the mere product to assess the product-service, identifying solutions for each application, responding to the needs of our customers, and therefore focusing our day-to-day efforts on our customer relations and services.


What we believe in

Our Brand values are based on our continuity between tradition and innovation: development is our key concept for responding to future challenges.
The heart of this process is our strong focus on problem solving, understood as a pro-active concept of service.
Our passion and day-to-day commitments have been our driving force for over 50 years, allowing us to achieve quality levels that are recognised as a true expression of Italian manufacturing.

Over the past few years, LAG S.p.A. has paid close attention to consolidating its customer relations, guaranteeing the highest quality standards and an increasingly flexible and dynamic service, in line with the brand values and history.

1962 | The foundation of lag

LAG S.p.A. (Lavorazione Acciaio e Gomma) was established with the aim of manufacturing wheels and castors for industrial use. In 1968 the company headquarters were opened in a building owned…

1970 | First polyurethane formulation

The chemical laboratory, run by staff equipped with instrumentation to monitor and develop prepolymer. This allowed LAG to develop its own polyurethane formula to optimise product performance, a unique feature…

1976 | Lag in the world

With its highly technological machines and having doubled its production levels, LAG began to export to key international markets; firstly to Northern Europe, then throughout Western Europe, Central and South…

1993 | New factory

Most of the production was transferred to the new factory in San Cesario sul Panaro, where the industrial warehouse with around 20,000 sq.m. of covered buildings stands on an area…

2000 | Certification ISO 9001

LAG S.p.A. obtained ISO 9001 quality certification.

2007 | Cosea moulds division

Incorporation of COSEA S.r.l., a company specialised in the design and manufacture of progressive dies, transfer dies and casting moulds for shearing, bending, deep drawing, roughing, masking and all other…

2008 | Transfer to San Cesario

The transfer to San Cesario sul Panaro was completed, moving the Polyurethane department (extending the production area to 25,000 m2) and the registered office in May 2009.

2010 | Chilean pride

LAG supplied the wheels for the capsule used in the rescue operations for 33 Chilean miners trapped since 5 August (to 14 October), at a depth of around 700 m,…

2012 | Certificazione ISO 14001

LAG S.p.A. obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification.

2016 | Passion for Movement

Passion for Movement! For LAG, this was the year of communication: a restyled image and a new slogan were the first step to renewal, blending history and innovation.

Our team

Behind the construction of every wheel there is a story, a person, whose passion and commitment, day by day, allow us to aim for excellence.
The proposal of new ideas involves, motivates and challenges people to think about and look for solutions for developing a winning corporate culture. Curiosity and the different features of every individual are fundamental for generating a genuine relationship of mutual dialogue, helping to enhance the personal skills of every one of us.
Trust is important, it makes people accountable and helps to think about the end product supplied to the customer.

team meeting LAG S.p.a.

Creativity and commitment

Group work stimulates creativity and generates a collective commitment to a common goal; interpersonal cooperation helps to generate better solutions and create a more serene and stimulating working environment. The adoption of a philosophy of attention and listening to all human beings is fundamental for ensuring the highest level of professionalism; this is why people are the most precious resource at LAG. The success of the company depends exclusively on our talents, who work proudly and passionately to supply our customers with the highest quality and most innovative products.

Vuoi unirti al nostro team?

Wheels and castors are produced in the factory in San Cesario sul Panaro (MO), which has:
around 23,000 m2 of production area and around 45,000 m2 of land
To ensure the high quality of our products, the whole production process is performed in-house by highly qualified staff.


Department dedicated to the following activities:

  • Drawing, design and development of new products
  • Definition of production specifications, product assembly and control
  • Checking of product performance via dynamic tests, stress tests, and braking efficiency
  • Definition of machines and processes for each manufacturing activity
  • Machine, plant and equipment specifications

Chemical Laboratory

The company’s in-house chemical laboratory monitors and develops prepolymer and polyurethane. LAG Spa has developed proprietary formulas that are studied and produced in-house.
Every day, the technicians work to optimise and research increasingly performing mixtures to guarantee the continuous updating of our products.

Polyurethane Department

This has always been a strategic area for LAG, and is characterised by the flexibility of our production process. A key element is the use of diversified plants for polyurethane moulding:

  • Automatic
  • Manual for small batches or products made to customer specification

The procedures, consolidated over decades of production and the equipment available, are used to manufacture articles with distinctive features, including excellent smoothness, silence and resistance to impacts, abrasion and corrosive substances.

Thermoplastic Injection Department

LAG Spa is equipped with injection presses for the production of wheels and hubs in thermoplastic materials, mainly top quality Nylon 6; a material chosen for its excellent qualities and ability to deliver above-average performance.

Plate Moulding and Tooling Department

This area is dedicated to the moulding of steel and stainless steel castors. The department is equipped with presses of up to 600T fitted with all the peripheral devices required for mass production. In addition to routine mould maintenance, the tooling department also produces moulds and new equipment, not only for LAG but also for external clients. In fact it is specialised in the design and manufacture of progressive dies, transfer dies and casting moulds for shearing, bending, deep drawing, roughing, masking and all other processes for cold shaping of metal plate, also with on-board machine/mould assembly.

Quality System Certification DNV GL ISO 9001

Quality Certificate ISO 9001

Quality System Certification DNV GL ISO 9001

Quality Certificate ISO 9001

Environmental System Certification DNV GL ISO 14001

Environmental Certificate ISO 14001

Environmental System Certification DNV GL ISO 14001

Environmental Certificate ISO 14001

Reach Compliant

REACH Declaration CE 1907/2006

Reach Compliant

REACH Declaration CE 1907/2006


European Regulations

Compliance to EU POPs Regulation

European Regulations

Compliance to EU POPs Regulation


European Regulations

Compliance to EU PAHs Regulation

European Regulations

Compliance to EU PAHs Regulation


European Regulations

Compliance to EU RoHS Regulation

European Regulations

Compliance to EU RoHS Regulation


811 kWp photovoltaic system for self-consumption

with the contribution of the Emilia Romagna Region and the European Union Funds (POR FESR 2014-2020)

In September 2022 LAG SpA began construction of an 811 kWp photovoltaic system for the production of energy from renewable sources for self-consumption.

The solar panels to be installed will cover almost entirely our 25,000 m2 (75,000 sq ft) of roof.

This project pursues the following objectives:

  • To generate the energy we need, drastically reducing the costs associated with its purchase
  • To reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, resulting in a reduction in the environmental impact of our production plants
  • Increase the efficiency of our production cycle
  • Participate in the protection and safety of the community we belong to and its environment

Thanks to this plant we will produce 890 MWh/year, of which we expect that 71% will be for self-consumption.
This production of energy from renewable sources allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by 501,100 kg/year equivalent to 6,264 trees


The business skills that have marked the company’s history; still today this is the driving force behind the passion and talent of the people who work at LAG.


High quality standards, hard-wearing, innovative and functional products, built using top-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technologies: these make us one of Europe’s top wheel and castor manufacturers.


Our customers are the central focus of our work. Responsible staff, quick delivery times, support before, during and after purchase and our ability to develop the best solution for every need: these are the fundamental elements that define our customer relations.


Listening, knowing and proposing tailored solutions; this is what we do every day at LAG. The countless applications of our products and the exceptional skills of our staff mean that we can provide our customers a complete service, satisfying their needs to the full

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