RUOTA ZS 150X40/50 CC SPG M40 +FR

Article 37313FR

Wheel series ZS

Castiron wheels with soft blue polurethane coating 87 Sh.A; available with shielded precision ball bearings.
Wheel fitted with ball bearings.

Castor series M40

M40 series, medium-heavy duty pressed steel forks, swivel with double ball races & 'water resistant' protections. Zincplated.

Technical data

Wheel diameterD150 mm
Tyre widthE40,0 mm
Bearing seat diameters47 mm
Bore diameterd20 mm
Outer faces bearings distanceV44 mm
Weight article3,770 kg
Hub widthL50 mm
Overall heightH194 mm
Top plate outer dimensionsAxB135x110 mm
Bolt hole spacingaxb96x56 mm
Bolt hole spacingaxb105x75 mm
Bolt hole spacingaxb105x80 mm
OffsetF48 mm
Fork widthU50 mm
Load Capacity300 kg
RUOTA ZS 150X40/50 CC SPG M40 +FR

RUOTA ZS 150X40/50 CC SPG M40 +FR

RUOTA ZS 150X40/50 CC SPG M40 +FR

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