Series P + G80

///Wheel P + Castor G80


Polyamide 6.

  • Highest quality polyamide 6 wheel.
  • Minimal rolling resistance; excellent resistance to shocks, abrasion and corrosion; easy to clean.
  • Temperature range: -30°C / +80°C (-22°F / +176°F).
  • Hub with: standard shielded or stainless steel sealed precision ball bearings; standard or stainless steel roller bearing; plain bore.

Extra heavy duty twin castors

  • Finish: painted.
  • Top plate in heavy gauge pressed steel sheet.
  • Kingpin.
  • Dust protection ring.
  • Axial ball bearing.
  • Fabricated swivel fork in heavy gauge steel-sheet.
  • Tapered roller bearing.
  • Dust cover disc in pressed steel-sheet.
  • Locked nut.
  • Grease nipple.
Ruote in Poliammide 6 with Supporti gemellati extrapesanti in acciaio grosso spessore | Wheel P + Castor G80

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