Series LB + M40

///Wheel LB + Castor M40


Polyamide 6 - Blue elastic rubber

  • Non marking, elastic, blue rubber coating, hardness 70±5 Shore A.
  • Core in high quality polyamide, black.
  • Excellent smooth and silent running; high abrasion resistance; shocks absorbing.
  • Temperature range: -20°C / +70°C (-4°F / +158°F).
  • Hub with: standard shielded or stainless steel sealed precision ball bearings; standard or stainless steel roller bearing; plain bore.

Medium-heavy duty castors

  • Finish: electro-zinc plated, white.
  • Top plate in pressed steel-sheet.
  • Kingpin riveted to the top-plate.
  • Thermoplastic dust protection ring (water resistant).
  • Swivel fork in pressed steel-sheet.
  • Hardened steel balls.
  • Thermoplastic dust seal (water proof).
  • Balls retaining ring in pressed steel-sheet.
  • Self-locking nut.
Ruote in gomma elastica blu antitraccia - Nucleo in Poliammide 6 nero with Supporti medio-pesanti in acciaio zincato | Wheel LB + Castor M40

Shielded ball bearings Shielded ball bearings

Standard roller bearing Standard roller bearing

Plain bore Plain bore