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bloccaggio direzionale LAG

Ready for summer news? Our technical department has developed a new directional lock for castors series M22, M40 and P60.

This accessory is used with a swivel castor to convert it to a fixed/rigid assembly when mechanism is engaged. The directional lock must be applied to the rear of a trolley, that is to say on the opposite side to the direction of movement or from which it is towed. It is assembled at the time when the castor is fixed to the trolley or appliance, using the 60mm or 80mm bolt hole spacing.

The new model has important benefits:

  • Compact design – with a new design that reduces its protrusion from the trolley.
  • Improved resistance – Made to last even if used intensively.
  • Ease of use – It can be fitted with the same bolts used to fix the top-plate to the trolley.
  • Higher safety level – the spring and leverages are designed to resist at heavier conditions without disengaging itself.
  • Intuitive – When mechanism is actioned the mark ‘STOP’ will appear close to the pedal.

This directional lock can be fitted with the leading footbrake (“FV” version). It locks wheel and swivel simultaneously. For further information, please contact LAG.

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