Changes to the E70 fixed castors

//Changes to the E70 fixed castors
LAG E70 fork design, befor and after

LAG’s fixed E70 forks have a new design

As previously announced, the change in shape of the E70 fixed castors for heavy loads is about to go live!

The new parts will be interchangeable with the previous version, maintaining unchanged all quotes stated in the catalogue.
Therefore, all technical data can be consulted by browsing our general Catalogue 6.1 or visiting our website.

The change will impact the shape of the fixed forks: these will be similar to the forks of series P60 and M40.

No changes to the finishing: the blue powder coating that characterised our E70 range will still be there.

LAG E70 fork design, befor and after

The new shape offers several advantages:

  • Better stiffness the new fork with the its deep-drawn shape is much stiffer than the previous version with deformations in the order of 1/3 under axial load and in torsion. This results in much less flexing or vibration when the wheel hits an object obliquely or sideways-on.
  • More sturdy – the stiffness also increases the load capacity in the axial and torsional load conditions, reducing the tension in the critical sections by 2/3, which in the previous castor were in the welding areas between the side plates and the fixing plate. The integrated design of the castor without welds guarantees uniformity of resistance of the material, reducing the load concentrations and the possibility of formation and propagation of cracks over time.
  • Vertical load capacity – the vertical load capacity remains substantially unchanged, as the load-bearing sections are similar; the shape of the sections, however, gives a greater stability under load.

The castors interested by the changes are those with:

  • FIXED FORK 100/40 E70
  • FIXED FORK 125-130/50 E70
  • FIXED FORK 150/50 E70
  • FIXED FORK 175-180-200/60 E70
  • FIXED FORK 150/60 E70

Introduction will be gradual.

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