New design for swivel forks series E70

//New design for swivel forks series E70

Swivel E70 fork changes

We are introducing some changes to the bracket series “E70” for extra heavy-duty applications, easily recognisable by the characteristic blue paint finishing.

The changes are dictated by the introduction of new tools and do not affect the quotes important for ensuring interchangeability.

Swivel brackets for wheels diameter 175, 180, & 200/60mm

You will notice a slight different shape of the fork and a set of extra holes, which are predisposition for the brake fitting. The holes will be present on all brackets, even those supplied without the leading foot brake.

IMPORTANT: please note that this castor now requires as directional lock fitting item P3973.

Effective: immediately.

Swivel brackets for wheels diameter 125/50mm

Again, the fork has a slightly different shape.

The offset is reduced by 3mm from 50 to 47mm; this to avoid excessive flagging and further improve the load bearing capacity of the assembly.

A notch for the directional lock is visible, but this will be available with a new release after a tool upgrade (more info will follow).

Effective: immediately.

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