Our team

Behind the construction of every wheel there is a story, a person, whose passion and commitment, day by day, allow us to aim for excellence.
The proposal of new ideas involves, motivates and challenges people to think about and look for solutions for developing a winning corporate culture. Curiosity and the different features of every individual are fundamental for generating a genuine relationship of mutual dialogue, helping to enhance the personal skills of every one of us.
Trust is important, it makes people accountable and helps to think about the end product supplied to the customer.

team meeting LAG S.p.a.

Creativity and commitment

Group work stimulates creativity and generates a collective commitment to a common goal; interpersonal cooperation helps to generate better solutions and create a more serene and stimulating working environment. The adoption of a philosophy of attention and listening to all human beings is fundamental for ensuring the highest level of professionalism; this is why people are the most precious resource at LAG. The success of the company depends exclusively on our talents, who work proudly and passionately to supply our customers with the highest quality and most innovative products.

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